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Lady of Angels Church

Strait Verige (chains) that opens the entrance to the Bay of Risan was first mentioned under this name in 1458 . This strait is the focal point not only for the defense of Perast and Risan but also for Kotor . Confirming the Venetians and Turks . The intention of the Turks was that the chain after the 1571st

The raise fortress. Therefore, it is always very important in whose hands and both sides Chain. Perast is already in XIV. century referred to as guards the entrance to the Bay of Risan. How is this strait named, we do not know. There are two versions: The first says that there is more to Roman times Asked chain that prevented the entry of enemy fleet. Such a chain located at the entrance to Zadar and Dubrovnik port which is quite possible and strategically justified to expect in this case. The second version is based on archival data that tells us that in Kotor XIII. Century mentioned Catena family, which is the chain had their possessions. This family in their coat of arms has a chain. Right there at the entrance to the Bay of Risan probably Perast erected two small churches that are dedicated to the Virgin Mary and also defend their homes and lives once again entrusted the guard in which they claimed the most hope. These two churches mentioned in 1526, when a Charm from Perast leaves to the saying Mass on Škrpjel, in the church of Our Lady in the chain and in the church of Our Lady of Risi in the chain. These two churches mentioned and Kotor poet Ivan Bona Bolica in his famous work “Descriptio Urbis Ascriviensis”. This work was created in the first half of the XVI. Century. The people of the church of Our Lady of the Angels called Assumption, a second church of Our Lady. Chains were the habitat of the hermit also the year 1579 mentioned in the chain three hermits who Kotor bishop ordered that at least once a month receive Communion. These hermits mentions abbot Cisilla in his Bove d’oro around 1624.. Kotor bishop Frano Županić (Franciscus de Zuppanis) bypassing the year 1579. Church of Our Lady of the Angels in the chain to use the same name: “Romitorium Chartenarum” so we learn that with the same living quarters. The church had only one movable altar. Then he mentioned the bell tower with one bell. Silver crown adorned the image of the Virgin.
These have hermits safe for their spiritual needs used these churches that have served the peraškisvećenici. The rest are preserved and two names of these hermits and a Benedict of Bar and the Port of Orahovac. In addition to Chain in the Bay and saddle three above Kotor, as well as small island reapers referred to as habitat hermit monks.
Lady of Angels Church, built by the sea, a one-nave building with a semicircular apse inside and rectangular outside. The guy’s a church-like the one in Vrbovska, Suđuđa on Sipan, or Jelsa. Set like a lighthouse at the entrance or exit of Risan, or Kotor Bay. Her lamp must have served as a lighthouse for sailors and fishermen, therefore, its position is not accidental. The church is surrounded by walls with loopholes, and within the walls of the tank and it says that this and lived. The upper threshold of the front door states that the restored MDLXXXV. year.
In 1717 they were married in this church Miho works from Glogovac and daughter Anna Pavlova Radula from Djuric, which means that in this shrine gladly came and they performed the wedding that belongs only UNIMA churches.
See: Church of Our Lady of the Angels, NIP “Our Lady of the Rocks” – Perast, 2015.