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ST. Anthony of Padua

High above the coast, near Fort St. Cross, is the baroque church of St. Anthony of Padua. On the front are next to the portal, and two elliptical windows. Above the portal is profiled niche with a stone statue of St. Barbara.

Above the niche is the coat of arms of donors Mazarović, that this church and monastery built in 1679.
The church has three altars of which are made of marble and one of the main side. On the main altar are two wooden statue (St. Francis of Assisi and St. Clare), probably the work of the Venetian sculptor Giovanni MarkJ (Giovanni Marchiori, 1696.-1778). Altar painting, oil painting, depicting St. Anthony of Padua and Child, the work of an unknown artist from the XVIII. st.
There are two successful acts Trip Kokolja: St. John Capistran in battle under Belgrade and St. Pascual Bajlonski (photos are in the sacristy of the unfinished church of St. Nicholas).
On the wall is a memorial plaque on which is written in Latin describing Perast victory over the Turks in 1654. 15. See Below it is a memorial plaque mentioning the visit of Petar Zrinski, who came to congratulate the people of Perast victory. This memorial was added, but not carved.
The Church is by the end of XIX. c. had organ.
Together with the church and monastery was built for the reformed Franciscans Venetian Province. They came to seek from the local population as of 1636. in order to open a school for elementary and nautical education and initially settled in utvrđavi. They practiced and medicine and had his pharmacy. After more than four decades brothers Mazarović them 1679 years. the church and monastery of St. Anthony.
The monastery had a rich library. One part of her books was transferred to the Franciscan library in Kotor.